Other work

Below are promotional samples and infographics. Most have been designed for multiple media: print, digital and occasionally signage. Infographics are of special interest, combining the distillation of a complex subject matter, designing it in a manner that draws the eye through the composition and employing a style evocative of a historical period.

Self-promotional piece which won a Silver Award from Typographer's International Association.

Self-promotion is a great vehicle for self-indulgence. This graphic was used on printed hand-outs and T-shirts. It won a Silver Award at Typographer's International Association's annual show.

Print ads for Foreign Affairs auto repair.

Foreign Affairs sells and services mostly high-end imports. Their budget allowed only black and white print ads mostly reproduced on newsprint.

A map of Clan MacMillan's historical lands in Scotland and Ireland.

A map of Scotland illustrating Clan MacMillan's traditional homelands and landmarks. Originally sold as archival prints, this was repurposed for a display as well as an online version.

A retro-style graphic for JoJo's Retro & Vintage shop.

This promotional graphic for a vintage dress store is a take-off of the film poster for "Attack of the 50-foot Woman". The image combines a scan of a postcard, circa 1962 (the orange Ford Falcon certainly dates it), and a model photographed in period dress on a Hopkins driveway one Sunday morning.

Map of immigration routes of Scottish Highlanders and Scots-Irish.

Another map, this illustrating migrations to Pre-Revolutionary America. Much the same media applications as the Clan map above (see an enlargement). Additionally, an earlier incarnation was used by "The Scotsman Magazine" in an online article.

A logo for a gathering.

A logo for the 2012 Clan MacMillan gathering. It combines the Minnesota state bird, the loon, with two Clan symbols, the claymore (two-handed broadsword) from the crest and the holly plant badge. This found its way on to print, T-shirts and other products.

A map for Scottish Highland immigration to Canada.

Scottish Highlanders made up a significant proportion of Canada's early European settlers. This map traces those migrations and their settlements with a supporting timeline. Additionally, an inset map illustrates western exploration by Highlanders and their descendants. See an enlargement on the Clan MacMillan International site.

A poster for Minnesota Motorcycle Safety.

A poster for Minnesota Motorcycle Safety suggesting the possible outcome if one drinks and rides. Copywriter was David Halsey.

A poster for Minnesota Motorcycle Safety.

Another poster for Minnesota Motorcycle Safety comparing two approaches to investing in one's bike.